Thursday, January 22, 2009

M·A·C Gets A Total Makeover

Have you been to M·A·C's website lately? It's been totally revamped and flashier. It looks really beautiful.

The only thing I don't like about the new design, is the flash animation. Unless you have a really fast PC, all those huge flashies really suck alot of cpu, thus making the site load up extremely slow. :(

XOXO, Yumiringo (^.^)*


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you are right, the new design looks good, but I found the older version good to navigate as well. But this one has a more up-to date appearance.

Happily, I've a really fast PC, hehe... ;p

M said...

that new site drives me insane, it take ages to load and then it crashed on me!

Yumiringo (^.^)* said...

I wish they had an option to view without all those flashy stuff.

Zelly said...

the new site drives me up the walls. maybe it's time for a faster pc? ;)